Submission Requirements

Congratulations on the completion of your manuscript! We would love to read it and provide our feedback. Please review our submission guidelines and follow the instructions below!

*Failure to follow the instructions or provide all information as requested will result in your work being rejected. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Query Letter

Include a one-page query letter explaining the following:

-why submitting work
-what work is about (synopsis)
-who you are and why you wrote your story


Include your complete manuscript as indicated below:

-cover page (your name, title, #pages/words, address, phone, email
-1.5 spaced
-Arial or Cambria font
-12 pt
-WORD format
-clear chapter breaks (if applicable)

Ghost Publishing Items

Important: Ghost Publishing Clients will need to be prepared to provide the following items:

SSN or Tax ID Number
Bank Account Number
Routing Number
Credit/Debit/Prepaid Card
Billing/Shipping Address
Email Address
*Email address Password

*For shared accounts only/Option 1

The Next Step!

Are you ready to take the next step?

We are a 'by appointment only' company. In order to make our time productive, there are a few things we need you to do first:

1 Download the Consultation Profile Form.
2 Send us an email requesting an appointment (make sure to indicate availability) and attach the Consultation Profile Form
3 You will be sent a Confidentiality Agreement requesting a digital signature.
4 Upon receipt of your signed Confidentiality Agreement and completed Consultation Profile Form, you will receive an email with your proposed appointment time. 
5 Confirm your appointment and attach a sample of your Manuscript if applicable (you may send the entire document or at least the first three chapters).

*Note: You do not have to have written anything in order to schedule a consultation.

  • Monday - Friday

    Appointments only

  • Saturday - Sunday


Contact Us

Note: Please complete the Consultation Profile Form before requesting an appointment.

(You will not be given an appointment until we receive a signed Confidentiality Agreement and a completed Consultation Profile Form.)

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