Book sale earnings are also referred to as royalties. There are many factors determining how you are paid, when you are paid, and what you are paid.

The vendors we use are two of the more popular ones and were chosen for quality, affordability, and diversity of products offered.

During the consultation, you will be asked a series of questions that will help us determine which printer best suits your needs.

Note: The highest amount of earnings will always be gained from buying and selling your book directly to the customer. This is also the fastest way to earn since most printers pay months after online sales are completed.

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The way you are paid is determined by the options offered by the printer and the method you choose.

Generally, you are paid via direct deposit to your checking account. Therefore we recommend that you have a bank account separate from your personal account specifically for your books sales.

Note: Some vendors will pay to a PayPal account as well.

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The vendor you are assigned will determine the type of report you receive.

Sales are recorded monthly and reports are generally sent on the 29th of the month following the month sales occurred.

For example, sale reports for books sold in March will be sent electronically (or available for download) on the 29th of April.

Among other things, the report will show the wholesale price of the book, the retail price, how many units were sold, and what you earned.

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When payments are sent is also determined by the vendor you are assigned.

While royalty reports are sent monthly, payments are made three months after they are recorded.

For example: Books sold in March will be paid in June.

Note: You will not be able to tell from the report what specific store or client initiated the sale. According to the vendor this is considered proprietary information. However, as owner of your account, you will be able to call the vendor and ask questions direct.

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