I Am ...
Ranyia 'MooMoo' Grundy

A Black History Month Series

Butterfly Typeface Publishing knows that greatness happens daily.

And it isn’t just our individual ancestors (mom, dad or siblings) or our historical favorites (Maya Angelou, James Baldwin, Martin Luther King Jr.) who leave an impactful imprint on this world and our lives.

So in this way, we encounter greatness every day.

Many say that it is unfair to have the month of February serve as the host for us to celebrate people of color who have made an impact. Perhaps they say that because February is the shortest month of the year, that doesn’t give us much time. But I think greatness is not defined by time or relation – greatness is about how you make others feel as Dr. Maya Angelou said so eloquently.

Join us in the short month of February as we highlight a few individuals who feel are leaving us feeling mighty fine! 

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