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After many years of serving others in the medical field, Author Miyoshi Umeki Gordon found herself in need of essential medical care. Diagnosed with myositis and breast cancer, the author felt broken and wondered how she would ever survive what she calls multiple unknown illnesses.

In addition to the incurable physical disease in her body, the author also battled emotional abuse and the effects of living with a drug addict (her first husband). However, with all the battles placed upon her by life, she never gave up on herself. For her, God was (and remains) at the forefront of her life.

With what can only be credited to the grace of God, the Campbell University Cum Laude graduate not only survived but emerged with a renewed sense of purpose. Her renewed passion for helping others compelled her to come out of retirement and launch a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

As the author reassembles her life into Godโ€™s masterpiece, she desires to assist others who silently suffer from the physical and emotional trauma that threatens their lifeโ€™s purpose.

Miyoshi has one adult son.   

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Broken, But Still A Masterpiece: Some things are not only tough to endure but equally challenging to communicate. Miyoshi Umeki Gordon was raised to be strong and confident. However, there came a time in her life when her faith and strength were challenged. Faced with the choice to suffer in silence or speak her truth, the author chose to 'let go and let God.' Miyoshi grew up in a loving and caring environment. The values her parents instilled, and her faith in God are what sustained the author when life seemed bleak and hopeless. Fueled by the love and desire to parent her only son well, the author persevered through her emotional and physical pain to live out God's purpose for her life. This book is her story of triumph!

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"We are proud to announce the winners and distinguished favorites in our annual 2022 INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD. This year included an array of quality and diverse independent books," Olczak said.

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