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I often say that I could write a book about the people who write books. Although I’ve been a writer most of my life, I didn’t have a clue about authors and writers. I also didn’t know anything about publishing a book. While in North Carolina, I interned for a Publisher and there is where the world of writing invited me inside. Walking into that office every day felt like Heaven. My creative juices flowed like never before and all I wanted to do was write and help others with their writing.

Each author I met was a mystery ready to be explored. I found it intriguing that most of the time what I read didn’t match what I learned from meeting the author. In writing, authors are bold, fearless, and free. But in their lives, they were timid, fearful, and most were bound by something – childhood trauma, difficult relationships, or unfulfilled lives.

Writing was an escape and I could relate. In fact, many of these authors who were just meeting me would find themselves telling me things they had not told others. It surprised them but as I reflect on this phenomenon it makes sense. In me, they found a commonality – a kindred and wounded spirit that by the grace of God overcame!

They had stories to tell and I was willing to listen. Not simply because they hired me to publish it for them, but because I got it. I never took a story and published it. The process is much more complicated than that. After speaking to an author and reading their story, I can discern and feel a deeper understanding. There is a connection that happens that bonds us.

Each encounter is an experience that leaves a lasting impression on my heart.

Patricia Brothers


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My name is Iris M. Williams – Author, Writer, Publisher, and teacher. My specialty is writing. As a fellow author, I understand how isolating and lonely the craft of writing can be.

Have you ever had an awesome idea, written something spectacular, or received recognition only to find that there is no one to share it with, congratulate, or appreciate your efforts?

I have and the euphoric feeling of accomplishment can quickly fade when those closest to you forget (or refuse) to acknowledge your work.

As a publisher, I’ve also witnessed the sadness and disappointment of authors. You finally release your book and the high expectations of those around you quickly turn into a cold reality – they don’t get it.

This scenario plays out over and over again and no matter how I try to forewarn, you can't prepare for heartbreak.

The Butterfly Typeface Publishing (BTP) Newsletter will bridge the gap and offer inspiration, camaraderie, and encouragement in hopes of empowering you to move forward relentlessly in spite of disappointment, un-acknowledgment, and lack of support.

We invite you to not only read our newsletter but to participate in and share it with others. Ultimately, helping others is how we help ourselves!

Your story does matter.

Iris M. Williams
Independent Publisher | Author

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