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Children's Books

Congratulations to our authors who have accepted the challenge of expanding, educating, and entertaining young minds!

Amber Booth-McCoy     (with Katina Booth-White & Courtney Booth-Akers)

STEM Looks Like Me

Alex and Amber are about to embark on an exciting journey of discovery. Join the twins as they learn all the different ways (from A to Z) STEM impacts our lives!

STEM Like Me is a colorful, interactive, and creative book that stresses the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM Like Me expands a child’s mind by enhancing what they already know, promoting imagination, preparing them for a diverse future, and encouraging entrepreneurship.

Dr. John Carter

Little Johnny and The Feast of Thanksgiving

Little Johnny loves when the leaves change colors. He knows that is a sign that Thanksgiving is near. Join Little Johnny on the family farm as he describes the leaves on the trees, counts the animals, prepares to have fun, and feasts on Grandmother Tennessee's delicious dishes! Little Johnny and The Feast of Thanksgiving is a heart-warming, entertaining, and educating book for your child. The book focuses on family, friends, and gratitude.

G. E. Miller

But I've Never Been 4 Before!

Today is a big day for Jada because today she turns 4! But instead of total excitement, Jada wonders about things she can’t do anymore. Is Being 4 any different than being Three? Jada will soon see! Join Jada on a birthday journey that makes her bolder - as she learns what it means to be another year older! .

Thomasema Pannell

I Just Want To Be Me

Author Thomasema Pannell wants parents to remember that our while our thoughts and ways may stem from the best of intentions for our children, it does not mean they are ‘right’ for them. Sometimes, we as parents need to listen to the voice of our children – regardless of their age.

‘I Just Want To Be Me’ cultivates and encourages a child’s freedom to explore, understand, and most of all experience life.

Iris M. Williams

There's a Tooth in The Gumball Machine

Author Iris M. Williams has a heart for informing children. "In the absence of information, children will make it up and usually what they make up is not accurate," she declares.

Her 2022 Arkansas PBS "Rise and Shine" selection is about two little boys who insist on watching a movie their parents told them they could not watch. 

This fun and mysterious story teaches children the value in obeying their parents.

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