Most Books Published within 9 months to one year

Traditional Publishing
Butterfly Typeface purchases and owns your manuscript. We pay you royalties based on book sales. No upfront cost to author. Royalties are split between author and publisher 55/45.
Partnership Publishing
Butterfly Typeface partners with you to publish your manuscript for a nominal fee. Royalties are split between author and publisher 80/20.
Self Publishing
Butterfly Typeface edits your manuscript, designs your cover for a fee. You upload your file and retain 100% of your royalties.
Ghost Publishing
Butterfly Typeface publishes your book under your company's name for a fee. Author retains 100% royalties.

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Ask About Our Ala Carte Services!

Services offered include:

Consultation (30 minutes)

Ghost publishing
Promotional Items
Writing Coach Sessions
Editing/Interior Design & Layout*
Magazine Advertising
Specialty Books/Items (i.e. calendars, planners, custom books)
Copyright Services
Custom Flyers
Presentation Materials
Audio Books
Spanish Translations
Kindle Books

** eBook Pricing Guidelines

Existing Author – add $597
New Author - $997

Preferred Method of Payment

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • MoneyGram
  • Western Union
  • No Check/Money Orders Accepted

Payment Plans Available!

* Book Cover Guidelines:

Every effort will be made to create a book cover to the author’s specifications. However, the following guidelines will be strictly enforced!

Basic: included in package (includes 3 revisions)

Custom: add $250 (includes 5 revisions)

Deluxe: add $500 (includes unlimited revisions)

Note: Changes to a book cover that has already been finalized will result in a one month delay and an additional fee due before the book will be released.