Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a contract involved? How long does the contract last? Yes. There is a basic book publishing contract, a confidentiality agreement and a payment agreement that you will receive and sign electronically. Most contracts are good for one year.
2. What happens when my contract expires? After your contract expires, authors have the option to republish their book with another publishing company or they may sign another contract with The Butterfly Typeface Publishing.
3. Will my work be copyrighted? All books are copyrighted at the time of publication. We do offer an additional copyright protection process that is NOT included in the standard publishing package.
4. I have a ton of questions about publishing. Can you answer them? Yes. We offer a FREE consultation. During this call you may ask any question you have and we will do our best to answer them or help you find the answer.
5. May I make payments on my publishing package? Yes. At the time of contract signage, 1/3 of the publishing package is due. The balance is due one month prior to the publication date of your book.
6. Is editing included in my publishing package? Yes. We offer full service editing, design and layout of your manuscript.
7. What is the difference in a basic cover and a custom cover? Basic covers are done ‘in house’. Custom covers are contracted out and could increase the price of your publishing package.
8. Will my book be sold in bookstores such as Barnes and Nobles? Once your book has been released for publication, it will be available online to sites like,, If you want your book sold in a ‘brick and mortar’ building, that process is separate and we can consult with you further during our consultation.
9. How can I obtain copies of my book once it has been published? Once your book has been published, you will order them (at cost) directly from The Butterfly Typeface Publishing.
10. Is there a separate charge for an eBook? Yes, eBooks are available, but at an additional cost.
11. What are the steps to publishing a book? The steps to publishing a book are: • Submit sample manuscript • FREE consultation • Review proposal • FULL manuscript submitted • Contract signing and deposit • Book cover sent to author for approval • Manuscript edited and sent to author for approval • Proof ordered and sent to author for approval • Book released
12. How long does it take to publish my book? What types of things can delay publication? Typically, we can publish your book in 90 days or less. The things that can delay publication are untimely submission of manuscript or revisions, unable to make a decision on book cover, family emergencies etc.
13. Can changes be made to my book once it has been published? Yes. At any point in the process, you can make changes. However, keep in mind that some changes could create an added cost. For example, if you approve a basic cover, but then decide you’d rather have a custom cover – that will generate an added cost.Note: Changes may also be made to your book even after it has been released for publication. The book will be taken offline while the changes are being made. Changes need to be due to error and not for ‘cosmetic’ reasons.
14. Will my book sell? Yes. However, how many books you sell depends on how hard you are willing to work at promoting your book. Good news, we now offer marketing services that will assist you with this process!
15. What are the benefits of publishing my book? Everyone has a story to tell and I believe every story deserves to be told. If you are a speaker, community activist or entertainer – having a book increases your credibility. Also, if you have overcome adversity, you are now required to reach back and help someone else who may be going through the thing(s) that you endured. What better benefit than to offer assistance to someone in need!
16. I have a great idea/concept for a book, but I’m not sure I can write it. Can you help? Yes. We offer coaching services that will help you get your book written in 90 days or less! Schedule your FREE consultation today!
17. Tell me about your referral program? We pride ourselves on offering quality services at affordable prices and serving our clients with personal attention. If you like our service, we want you to tell someone else about us and as a reward, we are offering 25% off our platinum packages for repeat clients!
18. Do you offer marketing services? Yes. We now offer marketing services to our authors to assist them in getting the word out about their books. Schedule your FREE consultation today!
19. Do you offer assistance with promotional materials (i.e. business cards, postcards)? Yes. We can design business cards, postcards, banners and bookmarks for our clients who want to go a step further in promoting their book(s)! Schedule your FREE consultation today!
20. What types of questions should I ask during my FREE consultation? We hope to address many of your questions here, but if you have more just ask. Your consultation time is all about you and your manuscript! Schedule your FREE consultation today!
21. What is ghostwriting? Ghostwriting is the process of you the author telling us your story and/or concept and then we turn that idea/concept into a manuscript. Everything is private and confidential. Once your book is written, YOU hold the copyright to it and will receive ALL of the credit for its contents. Note: Ghostwriting clients receive 25% off our platinum package!
22. What is ghost publishing? If you have a ‘ton’ of books you want to write and publish, you may want to consider creating your own publishing company. The process works much like ghostwriting. Schedule your FREE consultation for more information.
23. When can I get started? Get started TODAY. Complete the survey on our site and someone will contact you with 24 hours to schedule your FREE consultation.