Sudip Sapkota

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Author of New York: A New Metaphor

New York: A New Metaphor By Sudip Sapkota

New York front book cover


In his younger years, author Sudip Sapkota thought his poetry was meant only for him. “My feelings are only my feelings.”

Born October 27, 1985 in Kathmandu, Nepal to his parents Ramji Prasad [list mom here] Sapkota, Sudip began writing poetry and stories at the age of fourteen.

Although his father wanted him to pursue a career as an engineer, Sudip choose the path of literature, earning a Bachelor’s degree in World Literature. He also holds diplomas in the areas of graphics design, video editing and special effects. Many of his poems and stories have been published in local magazines.

Sapkota is currently employed as an aluminum and steel fabricator for a well-known company. His interests include watching movies and reading literature.
Poetry has been his friend, but now it has become his life. Before, it was his personal dreams, but now poetry is his wealth.

“The lines of poetry to whom the feelings get matched.”
His words are written for you, the reader. “The stanzas of poetry to whom the sentiment get matched.”
After reading his poems, Sapkota hopes that they help you to do a positive works.
New York: A New Metaphor, is his first book.