Sherena Frazier-Miller


Author of Bruised, But Not Broken

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“Bruised, But Not Broken” is one woman’s painful and powerful story of neglect, molestation, and abuse. Over the years, Author Sherena Frazier-Miller suffered at the hands of those who were charged with her emotional and physical care.

Although she told, she still wasn’t protected. After years of living in fear, the author has emerged from victim to victor and she is ready to share her life story in an effort to help others overcome the devastation of sexual molestation.


Author’s Bio

One critical thing Author Sherena Frazier-Miller has learned in her life is that she deserves respect from everyone whom she has contact with.

“If respect cannot be given freely, that person does not belong in my life.”

The author shares her story in hopes of helping others overcome the sexual abuse in their lives.
The author believes such experiences remain in our lives all of our lives and is not something that you will simply ‘one day get over.’

“This is just not true. It does not happen in such a way.”

By sharing her story of childhood molestation as a motivational speaker, the author hopes to encourage others to seek help and to report molestation of all types, but especially of children.

“No child should have a story like mine. Some people like me can and will help.”

Sherena wants her life story to demonstrate to others that anyone can overcome any challenging situation with the proper help.

“I hope to inspire others to know that they can make it and be successful in life. Follow your dreams! Never give up! I am following my dreams and I know that God has been with me on this long walk of life.”