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Author of Between Intellect and Instinct

Between Intellect and Instinct by Sharon Luzzi

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Sharon Luzzi Bio

Sharon Luzzi has resided in Rancho Cucamonga California since 1979. She raised and home schooled three beautiful children – Allison, Kristen and Michael. Sharon also has two precious grandchildren – Jackson and Ella.

An ordained minister, Sharon is very active in her church. Her ministry includes children, crisis intervention, sound engineer and teacher.

Sharon is also concerned with her community and has been involved in such events as Pro-Life, National Day or Prayer, Prayer Breakfast, and the Inland Valley Republican Assembly where she was the Vice President for five years and served as co-chairman for the State CRA convention.
Sharon’s favorite place to be is at the beach or anywhere outdoors. She loves photography, riding horses, animals, exotic cars, writing worship songs and learning more about her art skills.