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Author of 8 Principles To Creating A High Performance Organization

8 Principles To Creating A High Performance Organization
by Rebecca Huggins

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Rebecca Huggins

Rebecca D. Huggins is the CEO and founder of P.E.T.S (Preparing Everyone To Succeed) International. Additionally, Rebecca is a 21st Century Transformational instructional leader and she has 21 years of proven success. Rebecca is fully committed to collaborating with principals and teachers to increase student achievement and she believes that a students’ zip code doesn’t determine their success.
Moreover, she has a successful track record of turning underachieving (F) schools into high performing (A) schools in one year. She holds certification in multiple states in the following areas: Elementary Education, Middle Level English language arts, math, and Education Administration & Supervision.
Additionally, Rebecca has a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Master of Education in Special Education (Learning Disabilities), and Master of Arts in Administration & Supervision and is currently a doctoral candidate in Curriculum and Instruction.
Rebecca is the mother of one daughter, Andre’cia Simone and grandmother to T’Zion Karter, and they reside in Lexington SC. Rebecca is available for professional development training and speaking engagements.