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Christian Carnal Cravings by Monica Tyler

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As the ninth child in a family of twelve, Tyler first became interested in writing as a teen. Short stories and poems soon lead to her first novel, “Hunter, Slayer of Covens”.

The characters came to Tyler as a teenager and she credits her deceased younger brother, Mitchell, for the character “Frank Harvest” who appears in three of her novellas; “So, This is the Story of Lancelot Valiant Black” (, “Nicholas Nathaniel Connor Harvest” and “Tribulations of Jeffery Carter Black”.

Born and raised in Chicago, IL – Tyler attended A.O. Sexton Elementary School and Marie Sklodowska Curie High School. Her post high school education include attending Robert Morris College, Coyne American Institute and The Illinois School of Health Careers.

A single mother, Tyler resides in Indiana with her son, Anthony, and continues to write stories, poems and edits. She is owner of Tyler Books Inc and Editor-in-Chief at For the People, By the People Magazine.

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“So, This is the Story of Lancelot Valiant Black” is her first published novel and is based on characters created during playtime when she was younger.  It is the telling of Lance Black, a young man whose main concerns in life are taking care of his younger sibling, meeting and conquering girls and becoming infamous. Lance is a cocky young man who doesn’t take anything seriously. He enjoys having fun and having lots of sex. When someone makes him angry, he doesn’t hold back. His mouth tends to get him into some bad situations, but he knows his friend, Nick, has his back so he’s not worried. When Lance stumbles upon a horrifying secret, he enlists Nick’s help, but he soon realizes that he is not the one in control after all.