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As a victim of incest from the age of nine through fifteen, Latonya began to spiral out of control, resulting in her making very bad choices as a way deal with her pain. At 15, she left home and a year later she became a mother. During her pregnancy she was continually abused by her unborn child’s father, which resulted in Latonya showing up for her first prenatal appointment, with two black eyes. During that ordeal she thought it was normal to be abused by a man because often witnessed her father abuse her mother. Her own cycle of mental, physical and sexual abuse continued into her early thirties, she became severely depressed and often contemplated suicide as she withdrew herself from her friends and family.

In 2005 she divorced her husband and afterwards, began to try and put her life back together. Her first goal to recovery was, “forgiving those who had abused her”. This huge step for Latonya enabled the healing process to fully begin. She developed a deep spiritual relationship and leaned on the one positive thing that she was able to bring from her childhood which was her religious background. She realized she was the opposite of the negative characteristics that she had played out in her past. She realized she was actually a beautiful flower with strong roots; a beautiful ROSE. She began to protect her heart just as the thorns on a rose’s stem protect it from being picked by just anyone. She was durable to stand and go through the cards that life had dealt her and still be able to become a success in the eyes of herself, her children and those who she would come in contact with.

In 2010, while in the process of putting her life back together, Latonya realized she could overcome the tragic events that had plagued her life and devote her life to helping others who suffered from low self-esteem, depression, feelings of worthlessness, and suicide contemplation due to being victims of domestic violence and incest. In the wake of it all, EVE’S ROSES was born. Eve’s Roses’ goal is to have all those who have gone through domestic violence and incest, to come into full bloom and discover the ROSE inside of them, just as LaTonya did.