Katharine King Hunter

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Author of The Mystery of Jupiter

The Mystery of Jupiter By Katharine King Hunter

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The story, The Mystery of Jupiter, came to Author Katharine King Hunter one day after she and her students were discussing the planets. One of them said, “Ms. Hunter, you know Pluto is no longer a planet of interest because it is so small. It was decided that it was no longer important.” Hunter thought about this for a while and decided to make Pluto well known again by making him the hero of this story.

She had no idea what she would name the book so she asked her son “Ko-Ko’, her grandson Tyrell, and her niece Quinita to help her come up with a name. That’s when her grandson said, “Call it, The Mystery of Jupiter.” Writing and being a great author has always been a dream of Katharine King Hunter.

After graduating college at the age of 60, she wrote her first book (a cookbook) and now has completed her second book. The author insists, “This will not be my last!” Hunter wants everyone to know, “No matter how old you are, always follow your dreams!”