Georgia M. Bryan


Author of He Was Always There



“He Was Always There” is the story of one woman’s journey towards freedom, peace, and love. Her tumultuous childhood was only the beginning of an adult life that promised more of the same. However, through prayer and self-discovery, Georgia Bryan discovered herself and in the process she found an everlasting love.

Author’s Bio:

“You may be a victim of what someone else did to you, but don’t stay a victim. Express yourself and let it be known that someone did this to you, and that you’re not going to let whoever did you wrong, determine how to live your life.

Be an over comer, and rise above the hurt and shame by letting it go. The wind of God’s power will blow it and take it to a place where it will never come back to you to destroy you again.
Then you will experience a life free of guilt and shame.

He was always there for me. And He is always there for you!”